Screen Queens


Screen Queens is an online film blog written by young women and members of the LGBT community, featuring reviews, essays and critical pieces about a variety of cinema and TV. I am honoured to be a writer for the website and a part of this collection of strong young voices.

For a quick look at my contributions you can look at my writer page here, or look at my individual articles through these links:

Lost Communication and Wordless Empathy in Isle of Dogs
FINDING FUNDING: Sealskin – The Selkie Story Rewritten for a New Generation of Mothers and Daughters
Dear Miyazaki-san for Screen Queens 5th Anniversary Zine: Love Letters to Cinema
Fight Like a Girl: Women Warriors and Their Armour
and Manifesting Power in Women Past the Body – for #DirectedByWomen
How I Live Now and The World Ending (In Your Head) vs. The World (Actually) Ending
The Princess and the Thief: The Handmaiden and Disobedient Heroines


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BUMF is the student publication at Arts University Bournemouth. I began writing for them in 2016, and the following year I was promoted to Chief Article Writer. Through my involvement I have been able to meet and interview extraordinary individuals, attend fascinating shows and exhibitions, and manage a dedicated group of writers to provide consistent coverage and engagement with the whole student body year-round.

An Interview with Liam Mulvey
An Interview with Edgar Wright
this was also reposted by the Bournemouth Film School on Medium
The Many Cameos of Edgar Wright
Different Styles for Different Souls
An Interview with Steve Moberly
BUMF Reviews: Alice
How to Find Diversity on the Screen
Let Me Tell You a Story
The Unconscious Creative & the Merits of Letting Go
AUB & BU PARTS: American Idiot
Artistic First Aid Kits
Students Against Trump
BUMF Reviews: Edward II
BUMF Reviews: 467 Characters Long

You can also read my work published in the print editions of BUMF – online versions are avaliable below.
Expecting an Age of Art in Issue 5
Art Without the Audience in Issue 6
Comfort Films for New Places in Issue 7: Fresh
Should Escapism be Facing Reality? in Issue 8: Reality
Why Do I Have to be Extraordinary? in Issue 9: Icons
Hearing Narratives Speak in Issue 10: Narrative

Bridport Film Festival 2018

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Bridport’s Film Festival is the only festival in the UK to showcase films adapted from a range of original source materials like books and plays. In 2018, I was a part of a small crew of students to attend and cover the festival on behalf of the Bridport Arts Centre and Bournemouth Film School. I acted as researcher and interviewer, as well as assiting the crew in other departments.

Interview: Ian McEwan (author, screenwriter)
Interview: Elizabeth Karlsen (film producer)
Interview: Peter Turner (actor, author)
Interview: Simon Reade (writer, producer) & Guy de Beaujeau (producer)
From Page to Screen Day 1
From Page to Screen Day 2
From Page to Screen Day 3
From Page to Screen Day 4
From Page to Screen Day 5

Book Reviews


I have been writing book reviews since early 2013, reflecting on everything I read. I have reviewed books for Harper Collins, Unbound Publishing, Black Rose Publishing and NetGalley. Through NetGalley, I have reviewed for Bloomsbury, Penguin, Hot Key Books, Pan Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, Harvill Secker, and Orion Publishing amongst others (these are indicated with disclaimers at the start of said reviews).

Full book reviews are posted reguarly to TheDaisyDeer’s BooksGoodReads, (and NetGalley if applicable), with links circulated on Twitter and Pinterest for novels. Reviews are posted to Amazon if requested. Graphic novels, short story collections, poetry etc are given summary reviews on Goodreads (and NetGalley is applicable).

My review of Madeline Miller’s Circe was featured in Bloomsbury’s marketing campaign.

My review of Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik was featured on Pan Macmillan’s social media (see it here).

Blog Tours
Twice the Speed of Dark for Lulu Allison and Unbound Publishing
The Deviants, featuring an interview with C.J. Skuse for HQ Young Adult
Red Rose, White Rose, featuring an interview with Joanna Hickson for HarperFiction